Thursday, 1 February 2007

"Great... but don't tell the staff!"

A LARGE COMPANY which did poorly in our Ethical Bonuses survey contacted us yesterday to say they did have incentives to encourage staff donations and volunteering but our survey didn't show them.

We pointed out that neither their HR nor CSR departments - our points of contact - knew anything about them. The (deliberately amusing) response was along the lines of, "Ah yes, HR, the last people to know about anything!"

But if they didn't know about these policies, who did? Not the staff. It occured to us that next year we'll have to ask an extra question: "Do you have a policy of broadcasting these policies to staff at least once a year?"

PS Barclays told us they were going to advertise their high ranking in our index to all staff and remind them of the bank's donation-matching policy at the same time. Hurrah!


Anonymous said...

That sounds like a good point- but couldn't they just lie? Putting 'oh yeah, you can get time off for volunteering' in the annual newsletter that nobody reads is one thing, but actively encouraging staff to take up the offer is surely another?

LMC said...

^^^ yeah, that.

The company I work for p/t has found that the volunteering is an attractive incentive. Mentioning this benefit at interview stage pays.

Dave Pitchford said...

In our Polyanna world we'd hope they'd tell the truth, and they'd be shuddering in the knowledge that disaffected staff would blow the whistle if they didn't...